Iu O Konstantinov

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We synthesized two novel ultra low bandgap donor-acceptor (D-A) copolymers (E(g) ≤ 1.2 eV), containing the thiadiazoloquinoxaline unit as the main electron accepting unit (A) and benzodithiophene (BDT) and dithienosilole (DTS) as different donor units (D), denoted as P1 and P2, respectively, using the cross-coupling Stille reaction. The copolymers possess(More)
Individual measurement data on radiological surveillance of people residing in the territories most radioactively contaminated following the Chernobyl accident are analyzed to provide a comparison of doses from caesium radionuclides to children and adults. The external doses to children does not exceed those to adult inhabitants of the same settlement. By(More)
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