Iu N Savchenko

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Blood serum and cerebrospinal fluid were studied in 90 patients with multiple sclerosis. Patients showed substantially elevated levels of formaldehyde and N-methyl amino acids as related to control subjects. These metabolites' concentration was also higher in those patients with prevailing cerebellar signs and progressive course of the disease or in(More)
In Krushinskiĭ-Molodkina rats sensibilized for 5 days with brain extract antigens (BEA) and/or subjected to repetitive seizures (S), the synaptic architectonics of the molecular layer was studied in the sensorimotor cortex preparations treated with phosphotungstic acid. Unlike the S effect, BEA-sensibilization and BEA+S action sharply reduced the number of(More)
Lamictal (Lamotrigin) action was studied in 61 patients with partial and generalized epileptic seizures (not fewer than twice a month). Most of the patients received Lamictal in doses of 200-300 mg daily as well as other antiepileptic medications (before lamictal all patients were treated without effect with various antiepileptic medications). Effectiveness(More)
The structural-functional organization of psychic epileptic seizures was studied from the findings of complex clinicophysiological examination of 323 patients with epilepsy with the application of stereotaxically implanted long-term multiple intracerebral electrodes. Systemic organization of psychic seizures was determined with the presence of intermediate(More)
The authors suggest that adenyl should be included into the therapeutic combination used for treating patients suffering from neural amyotrophy. The drug is to be injected intramuscularly twice a day for a month. Observations of 24 patients showed that in 23 of them positive changes could be noted. These changes manifested not only in a subjective, but also(More)