Iu N Furman

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The C terminus of the rat brain Na(+)-Ca(2+) exchanger (RBE-1; NCX1. 4) (amino acids 875-903) is modeled to contain the last transmembrane alpha helix (amino acids 875-894) and an intracellular extramembraneous tail of 9 amino acids (895-903). Truncation of the last 9 C-terminal amino acids, Glu-895 to stop, did not significantly impair functional(More)
Two functional isoforms of the rat brain Na(+)-Ca2+ exchanger were isolated from a lambda ZAP hippocampus cDNA library. The open reading frame of clone RBE-1 codes for a protein 935 amino acids long, and that of clone RBE-2 codes for a protein 958 amino acids long. Expression HeLa cells of Na+ gradient dependent Ca2+ transport activity was determined(More)
1. Studying the effect of K+ on Na(+)-Ca2+ exchange in rat brain SPMs revealed that a consistent stimulation was obtained. This stimulation persisted also when FCCP was included in the K(+)-containing reaction mixture to minimize the effect of membrane potential on the electrogenic process. 2. Using Rb+ as a K+ analogue revealed that it was cotransported(More)
The rat brain Na(+)-Ca2+ exchanger (RBE) gene, as well as other isoforms of this protein family, can be organized into 12 transmembrane alpha helices, the first of which was proposed by Durkin et al. (14) to constitute a cleavable signal peptide. We have prepared three amino-terminal mutants, in which 21, 26, and 31 amino acids beyond the initiating(More)
Injection of Xenopus oocytes with mRNA isolated from 1-day-old rat brains leads to expression of Na+ gradient-dependent Ca2+ uptake activity. Size fractionation of the mRNA by sucrose density gradient centrifugation reveals that an mRNA fraction enriched in 14-18 S mRNA is responsible for the transport activity. Plasma membrane proteins isolated from(More)
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