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Comparative evaluation of modern and old pea varieties according to technological properties of grains was conducted. Cluster analysis with respect to fractional composition of grains was performed. Methods of evaluation of selection materials with large grains were improved. Before groat production, it was proposed to use an additional sieve with holes of(More)
Microvessels of the rabbit ear chamber and blood samples drawn from the internal ear vein were studied after 30-min ischemia. Total microvascular bed area augmented by 16%, total microvascular bed length increased by 9% and mean microvascular diameter increased by 6.7%. One hour after the onset of ischemia it is only the diameter that remains augmented. In(More)
Morphometric parameters of pial vessel bed in somatosensory (region 1) and parietal (middle third of f. supra-sylvii) zones of the right brain hemisphere were determined using automatic image analysis in acute experiments on normal cats and during 1-hour cooling blockade of the same regions in the left hemisphere. In normal conditions values of pial vessel(More)