Iu M Efremov

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A biodegradable polymer of bacterial origin, poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) (PHB), is intensively studied as biomaterial for tissue engineering. However, factors determining its biocompatibility still require better understanding. To analyze the PHB films biocompatibility, the polymer material was modified by hydrophilic polymer, poly(ethylene glycol) 300 (PEG).(More)
The advances of the method of atomic force microscopy for investigating the animal cells and an analysis of its development have been reviewed, with much attention being given to studies of living cells. The features and problems of the method have been considered, and a number of special methods based on the use of atomic force microscopy have been(More)
The damaging effect of "Poviargol", a substance containing silver nanoparts, was studied. It was shown that the damaging effect of "Poviargol" took place from the concentration of 2 mkg/ml and got its maximum at 10-12 microg/ml. Decrease of the incubation temperature from 30 to 4 degreesC led to amplification of the membrane-acting effect of "Poviargol";(More)
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