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[Pharmacologic activity of pyrimidoindole derivatives].
The spectrum of the psychotropic activity of a number of new pyrimidoindole derivatives and the relation between their chemical structure and activity were studied experimentally, finding that these compounds are inferior to amitriptyline and pyrasidol.
[Features of ethmozine metabolism].
A study of the aethozine metabolism in the urine of rats detected 14 metabolites, namely: 2-aminophenothiazine, 2-acetylamide-phenothiazines, ethyl ether of phenothsiazine-carbamine-2-acid, their sulphoxides and also aethmozine sulphoxide.
[The effect of long-term nitrazepam administration on sleep cycles in rats].
After discontinuance of a long-term administration of nitrazepam, prolongation of desynchronized sleep and an increase in the number of sleep cycles were more pronounced in comparison with the last day of chronic administration of the drug.
[Gas chromatographic method for the quantitative determination of ftoratsizin and its N-dealkylated metabolites in animal and human biological material].
Conditions have been selected, providing the most complete transformation of ftoracizin 10-(beta-diethylaminopropionyl)-2-trifluoromethylphenothiazine and its two dealkylated
[The pharmacology of mepazine].