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[The immune status of patients with obesity].
There was correlation between the ratio of blood plasma atherogenicity and level of circulating immune complexes, complement and disorders in the T-system, unspecific cellular and unspecific humoral immunity with a tendency of immunity deterioration as the grade of obesity advanced.
[Level of lipids and apolipoproteins in obesity].
It is suggested that impairment in metabolism of mainly HDL and VLDL subfractions occurred in patients with obesity and may be responsible for a high risk for atherosclerosis and heart ischemic disease in obese patients.
[Effect of partial ileoshunting on hyperlipoproteinemia in patients with atherosclerosis].
In 57 atherosclerotic patients with concomitant hyperlipoproteinemia operations of partial ileoshunts were performed consisting in shunting the distal third of the small intestine, a persistent decrease of the elevated level of lipids and cholesterol of atherogenic LDL and VLDL was noted.
[Surgical treatment of severe forms of metabolic syndrome].
The effects of a modified operation of jejunal-ileal shunt on the components of the metabolic syndrome were shown in 220 patients operated upon at the clinic of Faculty surgery of the Pavlov Medical Academy in St Petersburg and substantiated on the basis of etiopathogenesis.
[Surgery on the stomach in the treatment of pathologic obesity].
[Surgery of patients with toxic goiter].
Some peculiarities of the toxic goiter found in patients in the republic of Afghanistan are considered and the advantage of beta-blockators over the antithyroid drugs for the preoperative management of these cases is shown.