Iu I Novikova

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The hypothesis concerning the increase of the risk of appearance of offsprings with trisomy 21 in parents having double satellite acrocentric chromosomes is checked. Chromosomes of 266 parents having offsprings with Down's disease were examined, including 73 donors of extrachromosome 21. The frequency of chromosomes with dNORs in the total and in the donor(More)
A metabolic complex, Gamair, has been isolated from Bacillus subtilis strain M-22, a producer of a biopreparation for plant protection from diseases of various etiologies. Gamair was shown to possess a broad spectrum of activity against phytopathogenic bacteria (including Pseudomonas corrugata, Erwinia carotovora, Clavibacter michiganensis subsp.(More)
The culture of Streptomyces felleus VIZP 8 producing new macrolide antibiotic alirinomycin C was isolated in the screening of new insecticide substances. Antibiotic was related to the carbomycin-cirramycin group. Physico-chemical and biological properties investigation and identification were performed in comparison with other antibiotics of the same group,(More)
Genetic certification of commercial strains of bacteria antagonistic to phytopathogenic microorganisms guarantees their unequivocal identification and confirmation of safety. In Russia, unlike EU countries, genetic certification of Bacillus subtilis strains is not used. Based on the previously proposed double digestion selective label (DDSL) fingerprinting,(More)
Rapid decrease from 1 to 0.4% or rapid increase from 0.4 to 15 in tryptone concentration caused synchronization of cell division in a culture of Escherichia coli. The effect was not observed for the mutants impaired in reception of taxis system AW-569 and AW-618. Maintenance of the constant concentration of serine prior to and after alteration in tryptone(More)
Acrocentric chromosome associations were studied in 373 persons: children with Down's syndrome, their parents and in controls. In parents with nondisjunction in the first meiotic division (M1) and in children with trisomy 21 due to parental nondisjunction in the M1 the increase of association activity of chromosome 21 was found out, compared with the(More)
Alirin B1, the major active component of a fungicidal complex produced by Bacillus subtilis 10-VIZR was separated. Its physico-chemical and biological properties as well as the amino acid composition were investigated. Alirin B1 was shown to differ from the polypeptide substances described in the literature. The antibiotic was classified as belonging to the(More)
A decrease in pH in Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells to 6.3 leads to intracellular DNA synthesis inhibition. The inhibitory effect was achieved in the course of incubation of cells at pH 6.2 as well as by the addition of low-dose K+/H+ antiporter antibiotic nigericin. DNA synthesis inhibition by nigericin was not associated with significant decrease in ATP(More)
AIM Development of a novel approach in genotyping of Clostridium difficile and its testing on the example of 140 hospital isolates. MATERIALS AND METHODS The approach is based on an idea of double digest and selective label (DDSL), used previously during genotyping of other bacterial pathogens. Selection of optimal enzymes for restriction of MluI and(More)