Iu G Matushkin

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Development of methods for mathematical simulation of biological systems and building specific simulations is an important trend of bioinformatics development. Here we describe the method of generalized chemokinetic simulation generating flexible and adequate simulations of various biological systems. Adequate simulations of complex nonlinear gene(More)
Theoretical investigation of properties of assumed gene networks constructed from elementary units of two types, genetic elements and control links, was carried out. A test was formulated for a subclass of such networks with cyclic structure called S(n,k)-networks allowing calculation-free prediction of the network limiting properties (the presence/absence(More)
Data on location of mobile elements mdg1, Dm412, copia, and B104 in 33 isogenic lines of Drosophila melanogaster has been processed by means of cluster analysis to reveal the relationship between the penetrance for bristle reduction and the distribution of mobile elements. The presence of two groups of sites specific for lines with contrasting penetrance(More)
Under investigation is congruent variation of movable elements, the "genome parasites" (GP), and genome proper, as the "host". Several differential equations are studied that describe the following situations. 1. GP is able to insert in free sites only, existing in autonomous stage (outside of the genome) limited time only. 2. GP inserts in free sites only,(More)