Iu F Poliakov

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Thirty-eight patients with late mentally deteriorating processes were studied. Using a standardized neuropsychological method, the authors have outlined four major variants of neuropsychological syndromes characteristic of damage to definite zones of the brain. Comparison of these data with the results of clinical and computer-aided tomographic examination(More)
Psychological correction as a well organized system of psychological impacts is one of the main components of the process of social and psychological rehabilitation of mental patients. Psychological correction is particularly important in the organization of rehabilitational work with schizophrenic patients because of disorders of social behaviour typical(More)
  • Iu F Poliakov
  • Zhurnal nevropatologii i psikhiatrii imeni S.S…
  • 1977
The paper discusses the methodological problems of relationship between psychiatry and contiguous disciplines, psychology in particular. The author sums up the results of the discussion that was held on these problems by the journal. The role and place of pathopsychological investigations in the study of the nature of mental diseases, the range of aims of(More)
The paper deals with problems related to the onthogenetic formation of a special type of the pathological cognitive activity. Such activity was expressed in disturbances of selective actualization of knowledge based on the past experience. Experimental psychological studies were performed in children from 5--14 years of age, with slowly progressive forms of(More)
The paper presents an analysis of relationships between the expressivity of the change in thinking selectivity and premorbid personality characteristics of schizophrenic patients (242 patients) and the types of personality anomalies in the relatives of the probands with schizophrenia (203 patients). The authors reveal correlation of the expressiveness of(More)
The hypothesis concerning a non-homogeneous disorder of the emotional sphere in schizophrenic patients has been experimentally tested. It has been demonstrated that signs of emotional depletion and depression in schizophrenic patients were predominantly expressed in deficiency of positive emotions whereas negative ones were relatively intact. Defect of(More)
The traits of age thinking development (formation) were studied by experimental and psychological tests in children aged from 5 to 14 years who were diagnosed as suffering from favorably developing forms of schizophrenia. During all the age periods this group of children showed a deviation in the thinking development, compared to that of the control normal(More)