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[Structure of the mastoid process in children].
Variants in the structure of the mastoid process in every children age are likely to depend on the intensity of the osteogenic process taking place in criminal bones, in the temporal bone in particular. Expand
[The lymphatic system of the lower extremities in patients with obliterating diseases of the terminal portion of the aorta and its branches].
In patients with Stages II and III ischemia, direct controlled endolymphatic therapy promotes the improvement of tissue lymphatic drainage and hemocirculation in the diseased extremity and recovery of immune homeostasis in the region. Expand
[Prophylaxis of purulent complications in operations on large joints by endolymphatic infusion of drugs].
It was shown that immune homeostasis of synovial liquor in postoperative period normalized faster in endolymphatic administration, and resulted in healing of operation wounds by primary intention. Expand
[Clinico-laboratory basis for the endolymphatic use of beta-lactam antibiotics in pulmonology].
Endolymphatic use of cefuroxime and claforan resulted in a significant improvement of the functions of the T- and B-immunity systems and the indices of natural resistance in patients with acute abscess forming and persisting pneumonia. Expand
[Experimental study of a new method of endolymphatic antibiotic administration and a trial of its clinical use].
The first experience with the clinical use of the endolymphatic route of gentamicin administration showed its high efficacy in 84% of the patients with severe purulent inflammatory diseases of the organs of the abdominal cavity. Expand