Iu D Ignatov

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It was demonstrated in experiments on pregnant rats that toxolytic doses of the calcium channel blockers nifedipine, cardiazem (diltiazem) and verapamyl reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and doppler ultrasound velocity in the uterine artery. Toxolytic doses of sensit (fendilin) do not change hemodynamics in pregnant rats.
There is extensive clinical evidence for the high efficacy of GABA-ergic drugs in prophylactic and abortive treatment of migraine and cluster headache, while the mechanisms of anticephalgic drugs action are not clear, in particular, because of insufficient number of investigations on experimental headache models. In this study, the influence of baclofen(More)
Electron microscopy of rats ultrathin sections from dorsal and central raphe nucleus and spinal cord after 5,7-dihydroxytryptamine intracisternal microinjection (200 micrograms) has revealed neurones and axonal terminals distruction, which associated with tail-flick hypoalgesia and blood pressure nociceptive reactions diminished. In this condition the(More)
Intraspecies experience of domination or subordination in mice is an important factor predetermining their specific behaviour in response to painful stimuli, The significance is emphasized of ethological investigations for studying behavioural reactivity to pain and correct differentiation of responses of "defence-subordination" and "aggression-offence"(More)
Teaching surgery to students of the medical college represents a complex dynamic process based on the achievements and advantages of domestic medical education. The article presents an analysis of historical aspects of teaching surgery formed under the influence of N.I.Pirogov's ideas and shows the necessity of searching for new forms of organization of(More)
Pain syndrome induced by daily peritoneal electrostimulation in rats within two weeks caused decrease in body weight and in motor behavior in open-field test. Moreover, there were a decrease in thymus weight, an increase in adrenal weight and an appearance in most of animals of gastric mucosal erosions. The disturbances of the behavior and somatic state of(More)
The effects of morphine (5 mg/kg, i.p.) and naloxone (1 mg/kg, i.p.) on the formation of pain sensitivity biorhythms was studied in the tail-flick test on adult male SHR mice upon unilateral inactivation of cerebral hemispheres by Leao's method of spreading potassium depression. It was established that morphine changed the rhythmogenic properties of both(More)