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The aim of the study was to search for the association between efficacy of botulinum treatment (dysport) and the formation of antibodies to botulinum toxin in children with cerebral palsy (CP). Fourteen children with CP received dysport, 42 children (29 with CP and 13 patients with paresises of other etiologies) were not treated with this drug. No(More)
Cross-over, controlled, randomized and triple-blind study of F-milk efficacy and monitoring of F excretion with urine under conditions of wide availability of fluoride containing toothpastes was performed in Voronezh during last 10 years. F-milk project increasingly covered annually from 10 to 15 thousand of pre-school children. From them 335 children (11(More)
As the results of clarification of some technical parameters of community water supply systems, examination of 780 12-year-old children and F-concentration determination in 111 water samples in 13 cities (with population 50, 000 and more) of 7 regions of Russian Federation there were determined economical and technical conditions for planning and(More)
Solid-pseudopapillary pancreatic tumors (SPPT) are slow-growing tumors and have a considerably good prognosis, in case of radical removal. Thus, results of surgical treatment of 10 patients with SPPT were analyzed. On the basis of ultrasound examination, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and intraoperative picture 2 groups of patients were(More)
72 clinical and laboratory features were analyzed on the IBM PC 486 for 126 new cases of lymphogranulomatosis prior to treatment. Myelograms were found to vary with sex and age of the patients demonstrating close relations between hemopoiesis and processes in the lymph nodes. In males maturation of myeloid elements KM was inhibited, though they had more(More)
The refuse of the parents of the child with spastic cerebral palsy to use botulinum toxine as a part of multidisciplinary prolonged treatment can be destructive for the achievement of the goals of the rehabilitation. 65 parents of children with CP were assessed to clarify the substituted causes for rejection. Answers, caused by real adverse effects of the(More)
Visceral arterial aneurysms are a rare vascular pathology, which lacks specific clinical signs. Imaging modalities play a key role in their diagnosis. Today radiological endovascular interventions appear to be the method of choice for the management of most patients with azygous visceral arterial aneurysms. Various endovascular methods are used for(More)