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Possible biodegradation of air pollution from antibiotic biosynthesis in the form of water condensates was studied in a 1000 ml laboratory bioreactor with using active sludge. The biodegradation of such a pollution was shown possible. The process kinetics was described by the Michaelis-Menten equation. The values of the equation constants were calculated.
It was shown that bidistilled modified water substantially enhances the hydrolysis of the peptide the bovine insulin B-chain. The exposure of the peptide to bidistilled modified water for 20 hours at room temperature leads to an almost complete hydrolysis of its molecule into fragments that differ from the initial molecule in elution time from a column in(More)
It was shown that bidistilled modified water induces a marked decrease in the intensity of intrinsic fluorescence of bovine serum albumin and increases the binding of this protein to the fluorescent probe 1.8 ANS. These effects can be interpreted as a denaturing action of bidistilled modified water on the protein and a change in its conformational state,(More)
This paper reviews the World Data System (WDS), which is a multidisciplinary structure of the International Council for Science. This system is intended to support a coordinated global approach to scientific data and information. It operates as a set of portals that are connected to a common database of metadata, which contains the details about information(More)
The authors have proposed the idea of joint motion realization by means of rolling of one joint surface over the other one. It allows to pass over an unsolved yet problem of cartilage restoration and normal gliding in the affected joint. It has been developed a model at the knee joint of a dog, which provides for resection of the joint surfaces according to(More)
The effect of bidistilled modified water obtained by treating bidistilled water with static electric field in the cathode compartment of a diaphragm electrolyzer on the production of tumor necrosis factor and activity of natural killer cells of mice was studied. It was found that bidistilled modified water added to cultured murine macrophages increases the(More)
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