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The effect of the parameters of biolistic transformation (rupture disk pressure of helium, vacuum pressure, stopping screen to target tissue distance, material (gold or tungsten) and size of particles, and duration of explant culturing before bombardment) on the level of transient expression of GFP reporter gene was studied in barley embryos. The highest(More)
The course of preventive oral treatment with a dihydroquercetin–chitosan composition produced a strong antihypoxic effect under conditions of experimental hypobaric hypoxia (arbitrary altitude 12,000 m). The lactate/pyruvate ratio in composition-receiving rats was much lower than in hypoxic animals (by 83%), but higher than in intact specimens (by 29%). The(More)
Total absolute yields of the ejected gold were obtained regardless of the type of the particles are--atoms, clusters, nanoclusters,--as well as absolute yields of gold nanoclusters, from nanoislet gold targets under bombardment by monoatomic gold ions at 45 degrees to the target surface with the energy 38 keV, i.e., in the "purely" elastic stopping mode -6(More)
The intracellular levels of sodium, potassium, and free calcium, as well as red blood cell transport of 86Rb (a radioactive potassium analogue) and 45Ca were measured in patients with bronchial asthma (BA). The intracellular content of sodium was 10-20% higher in patients with BA, though the differences in the present sample (7 controls and 18 BA patients)(More)
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