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An experimental and clinico-pharmacological study of sodium valproate, a GABA-ergic drug, was conducted to elucidate the role of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the mechanisms responsible for affective disturbances, in particular for anxiety. A tranquilizing effect of the drug, comparable with the action of diazepam, was established in a conflict situation model(More)
Lipid peroxidation in biological membranes was studied in healthy individuals under emotional stress and in patients with neurosis. The plasma levels of malonic dialdehyde (one of the end products of peroxidation) directly correlated with the severity of emotional stress. Patients with neurotic disturbances showed activation of peroxidation expressed in(More)
The results of a multicenter study of coaxil in the treatment of 90 patients with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are summarized. Two dosages of the drug, 75 mg daily (44 patients) and 37.5 mg daily (46 patients) have been compared. Coaxil efficacy was estimated with the Clinician Administered PTSD Scale (CAPS) and Hamilton depression scale (HAM-D).(More)
The authors revealed differences in the clinico-psychopathological structure, therapeutic time-course and efficiency of the treatment by tranquilizers (e. g. phenazepam, a drug whose effect is typical for the entire group of tranquilizers) in 86 patients with borderline states, the nature of differences depending on the typological characteristics of their(More)
A comprehensive comparative approach was used to assess the effectiveness of the psychophysiological indices as predictors of the effect of tranquilizing therapy with benzodiazepine drugs in neurotic patients. The study resulted in selection of several psychophysiological characteristics most relevant to the prognosis of individual responses to the(More)
In a series of 130 patients with asthenic conditions related to borderline forms of neuro-mental disturbances the authors compared clinico-pharmacological action of the actoprotector bemitil with that of nootropic drugs (piracetam and piridotol). The treatment with bemitil was either continuous or intermittent, being conducted according to the scheme(More)
Phenomenology and time course of psychic disorders in persons exposed to life-threatening emergency situations provoked by the Chernobyl accident have been analyzed. Three states could be identified according to differences in their psychogenic impact: acute, delayed and long-term. Psychic dysadaptation and disorders might be presented as results of a(More)
The results of the multicenter study of zolpidem activity, being carried out in inpatient- and out-patient clinics of 20 cities in Russia, are reported. One thousand seventeen patients with transitory, short time and chronic dyssomnia have been included in the trial. Zolpidem (ivadal, "Sanofi-Syntelabo", France) has been prescribed once a day in a dose of(More)