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From Fossil Fuels to Renewables: The Role of Electricity Storage
We analyze the role of electricity storage for technological innovations in electricity generation. We propose a directed technological change model of the electricity sector, where innovative firms
Do Fossil-Fuel Taxes Promote Innovation in Renewable Electricity Generation?
We evaluate the role of a fossil fuel tax and research subsidy in directing innovation from fossil fuel toward renewable energy technologies in the electricity sector. Using a global firm-level
Quota Enforcement and Capital Investment in Natural Resource Industries
ABSTRACT We investigate the relationship between quota enforcement, compliance, and capital accumulation in ITQ regulated fisheries. Overextraction and overcapacity represent two of the main
Can Capital-Energy Substitution Foster Economic Growth?
We study the ease of substitution between energy and other production inputs over time. We first develop a growth model with energy where our general production function allows for a nonconstant
Cost Structure and Capacity Utilisation in Multi-product Industries: An Application to the Basque Trawl Industry
To empirically study production structure and the capacity level at which vessels are harvesting, a short-run translog cost function is estimated. From the estimated parameters, two capacity
Future-biased intergenerational altruism
We show that intergenerational altruism suffers from future bias if generations overlap and people?s altruism concerns the well-being of immediate ancestors and descendants. Future bias involves
Past and Future Management of A Collapsed Fishery: the Anchovy in the Bay of Biscay
In this paper, we analyze the efficiency of the existing management regime of the Bay of Biscay anchovy fishery, which has been closed since 2005 due to stock collapse. We also study Pareto improving