Itziar García-Honrado

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This paper is a humble homage to Enric Trillas. Following his foundational contributions on models of ordinary reasoning in an algebraic setting, we study here elements of these models, like conjectures and hypothesis, in the logical framework of continuous t-norm based fuzzy logics. We consider notions of consistency, conjecture and hypothesis arising from(More)
This paper deals with a problem in fuzzy logic that can be traced back to classical logic: the reduction of one conditional to another. In particular, the reduction of R-implications to S-implications and to Q-operators is considered, although the more complex case is the reduction of a Q-operator to an S-implication, equivalent to find the complete(More)
This paper aims to show how, by using a threshold-based approach, a path from imprecise information to a crisp ‘decision’ can be developed. It deals with the problem of the logical transformation of a fuzzy set into a crisp set. Such threshold arises from the ideas of contradiction and separation, and allows us to prove that crisp sets can be structurally(More)