Itsuro Yosida

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Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a positive strand RNA virus with certain similarity to flaviviruses and pestiviruses. To examine the processing and possible assembly of HCV proteins, we constructed a recombinant vaccinia virus that expresses a full-length genomic RNA, infected chimp liver cells with the virus, and analyzed HCV-related protein products by(More)
This experiment was designed to detect the antiviral activities of crude fruit extracts of wild Ribes nigrum L. (Kurokarin extract) against influenza virus types A and B. Kurokarin extract was prepared as follows: fruits of Ribes nigrum L. were heated at 50 degrees C in a heating tank, and then ground under anaerobic conditions. The extracts were(More)
A 33 year-old-man presented recurrent syncopal episodes after venipuncture. This was sometimes associated with seizure. It was also noted that the syncope was aroused by mental stress. The patient was admitted to the department of neurological medicine because of epilepsy. Cardiac arrest of more than 15 seconds was detected during the venipuncture-prooshed(More)
A study is presented of the efficacy of acellular pertussis vaccine based on the number of pertussis patients and its relationship to vaccination rate in three demographic areas of Osaka Prefecture, Japan. In three separate areas within Osaka Prefecture, the pertussis vaccine is given to children three to six months of age, and in the other two it is given(More)
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