Itsuro Morita

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Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (O-OFDM), which transmits high speed optical signals using multiple spectrally overlapped lower-speed subcarriers, is a promising candidate for supporting future elastic optical networks. In contrast to previous works which focus on Coherent Optical OFDM (CO-OFDM), in this paper, we consider the(More)
—The Control Orchestration Procotol (COP) abstracts a common set of control plane functions used by an various SDN controllers, allowing the interworking of heterogenous control plane paradigms (i.e., OpenFlow, GMPLS/PCE). COP has been defined using YANG model language and can be transported using RESTconf, which is being incorporated by industry. COP has(More)
We design and deploy an extended OpenFlow-based control plane for elastic optical networks with DDO-OFDM transmission, detailing the network architecture, the two-phase routing and spectrum assignment algorithm, OpenFlow protocol extensions and the experimental validation. Introduction An elastic optical network (EON), which is able to dynamically and(More)
Executive Summary This document contains the work done in the WP3 to define the reference architecture for the transport network virtualization, OpenFlow control and SDN orchestrator. The first work done was the definition of the use cases and requirements for the aforementioned architectural components. Based on the state of art of the transport network(More)