Itsuo Yoshida

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Bis(acetylacetonato)beryllium(II), tris(acetylacetonato)aluminium(III) and bis(di-isovaleryl-methanato)copper(II) were zone-refined. Also crude beryllium(II), aluminium(III) and copper(II) salts were purified by zone-melting the above-mentioned chelates, obtained by precipitation from aqueous methanol solutions. Some contaminants were excluded at the stage(More)
The retention and selectivity of methotrexate (MTX) in serum were studied by high-performance liquid chromatography on octadecyl-treated porous glasses and silicas. From elemental analysis data for carbon, the maximum number of bonded octadecyl surface groups per gram (mean pore diameter 153 A, specific surface area 193 m2/g, pore volume 0.83 ml/g) in(More)
We monitored 3 different kinds of temperature (the tracheal, forehead deep and rectal) during CPR for 8 DOA patients. The forehead deep temperature rose slowly from room temperature, and gradually reached the tracheal temperature. The rectal temperature, except for 2 cases, almost immediately exhibited a temperature close to the tracheal temperature. In 2(More)
The zone-melting method was applied to purification of tetrakis(di-n-propionylmethanato)zirconium(IV) which contained copper(II), nickel(II), cobalt(II and III), iron(III) and hafnium(IV) in the forms of their chelates with the common ligand. All minor components having effective distribution coefficients < 1 in the zirconium(IV) chelate were concentrated(More)
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