Itsumasa Urabe

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There is concern that some acidic conditioners may not be strong enough to adequately etch sclerotic or caries-affected dentin. The hypothesis that was tested was that there were no significant differences in the bond strengths of single-bottle bonding systems to normal or caries-affected dentin, regardless of the strength of the phosphoric-acid(More)
PURPOSE To determine the physical properties between enamel and dentin at the dentin-enamel junction (DEJ) region of natural tooth structure. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ultimate tensile cohesive strengths of the DEJ region of human and bovine teeth were measured using a microtensile test, and the nanohardness and Young's modulus from deep enamel to superficial(More)
Abstract. An orbital path of cosmic-ray becomes a curve line by a magnetic field of the earth, and flux density of cosmic-rays falling on the ground level from west is greater than that from east. Coincidence counting system using plural scintillation detectors is most suitable method to measure flux density of charged particles from only one direction.(More)
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