Itsuka Matsushita

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Two genes encoding haloacetate dehalogenases, H-1 and H-2, are closely linked on a plasmid from Moraxella sp. strain B. H-1 predominantly acts on fluoroacetate, but H-2 does not. To elucidate the molecular relationship between the two enzymes, we compared their structural genes. Two restriction fragments of the plasmid DNA were subcloned on M13 phages and(More)
Stickler syndrome is an inherited connective tissue disorder that affects the eyes, cartilage and articular tissues. The phenotypes of Stickler syndrome include congenital high myopia, retinal detachment, premature joint degeneration, hearing impairment and craniofacial anomalies, such as cleft palate and midline facial hypoplasia. The disease is(More)
To report a case of posterior microphthalmos caused by novel compound heterozygous mutations in the membrane-type frizzled-related protein (MFRP) gene. A 9-year-old girl with posterior microphthalmos underwent a standard ophthalmological examination and genetic screening by direct sequencing. The patient had a short axial length, high hyperopia, crowded(More)
PURPOSE To determine the microstructure of the fovea in patients with Stickler syndrome using imaging by spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD OCT) and swept-source OCT. DESIGN Retrospective case series study. PARTICIPANTS A total of 39 eyes of 25 patients with genetically confirmed Stickler syndrome were studied. METHODS All of the(More)
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