Itiroo Sakai

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In this paper, it is revealed, for the first-time, that transient enhanced diffusion (TED) causes the reverse narrow channel effect (RNCE), which has been considered as a geometrical effect in the case of shallow trench isolation (STI). We will demonstrate that the RNCE can be suppressed by TED control techniques, including (1) high ramping rate (/spl(More)
The elastic-Vt CMOS (EVTCMOS) circuit design controls MOS transistor source (not substrate) voltages, so fabrication requires no special steps. The post-fabrication threshold voltages can be switched back and forth between high Vt (sleep mode) and low Vt (active mode), and can be also controlled as a means of reducing the sensitivity to device-parameter(More)
The injection bump system of the 3-GeV RCS (Rapid Cycling Synchrotron) in J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex) consists of the pulse bending magnets for the injection bump orbit, which are four horizontal bending magnets (shift bump), four horizontal painting magnets (h-paint bump) and two vertical painting magnets (v-paint bump). The shift(More)
The injection system of the 3-GeV RCS (Rapid Cycling Synchrotron) in J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex) consists of four main orbit bump magnets (shift bump) to merge the injection beam with the circulating beam. In order to control the injection beam with sufficient accuracy, the shift bump magnets need a wide uniform magnetic field. The(More)
The PoP(Proof of Principle) FFAG accelerator, which was the world first FFAG proton synchrotron, was constructed at KEK. After the first proton beam acceleration of FFAG, we studied various aspects of the PoP FFAG. The observed beam orbit shift during the acceleration was consistent with the simulation result. It was confirmed that the beam intensity(More)
The purpose of this paper is to help linguists contruct a consistent, sufficient and less redundant syntax of language. An acceptable string corresponds to an expression or an utterance: it may be a natural text, a string of morphemes, a tree structure or any kind of representation. A sharp distinction is made between the syntactic function which is an(More)
The fast extraction kicker magnets of the 50 GeV synchrotron are now in an intensive R&D stage. In the 50 GeV ring, the fast extraction system is designed to deliver the 50 GeV beam to the downstream neutrino oscillation experiment beam line with the Super-Kamiokande detector. At the same time, the fast extraction line is required to function as a beam(More)
A large aperture, thin-septum, high-field opposite-field septum magnet has been developed for the injection of 50 GeV main ring of J-PARC. Due to the eddy current generated in septum conductor, magnet yoke and magnet end plate, the field quality was degraded. In the paper, eddy current effects on the field distribution are discussed. Correction methods and(More)
The acceptance of the KEK booster has large side value (272 π mm mrad in the horizontal plane and 61π mm mrad in the vertical plane). To increase the beam intensity we have been trying to achieve painting injection in the horizontal plane. The intensity-dependent emittanceexchanges in the horizontal and vertical plane were measured by a method using a(More)
The construction of J-PARC(Japan proton accelerator research complex) is in a rapid progress, where the first beam commissioning of 3-GeV RCS(rapid cycling synchrotron) is expected to be start on May, 2007. The present work concerns the very final design as well as the calculation of the injection line until the beam dump. This includes an accurate and safe(More)