Itay Furman

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Recent experimental results on the formation of molecular hydrogen on astrophysically relevant surfaces under conditions similar to those encountered in the interstellar medium provided useful quantitative information about these processes. Rate equation analysis of experiments on olivine and amorphous carbon surfaces provided the activation energy barriers(More)
The rapid decrease in the cost of DNA sequencing will enable its use for novel applications. Here, we investigate the use of DNA sequencing for simultaneous discovery and genotyping of polymorphisms in family linkage studies. In the proposed approach, short contiguous segments of genomic DNA, regularly spaced across the genome, are resequenced in each(More)
A quantitative comparison between experimental and Monte Carlo simulation results for the epitaxial growth of Cu/Cu~001! in the submonolayer regime is presented. The simulations take into account a complete set of hopping processes whose activation energies are derived from semiempirical calculations using the embedded-atom method. The island separation is(More)
An analysis of the kinetics of H2 formation on interstellar dust grains is presented using rate equations. It is shown that semi-empirical expressions that appeared in the literature represent two different physical regimes. In particular, it is shown that the expression given by Hollenbach, Werner & Salpeter [ApJ, 163, 165 (1971)] applies when high flux,(More)
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