Itaru Nonomura

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We developed an elastic shared resource scheduling SoC interconnect architecture for SoCs that execute various real-time tasks in parallel. It provides both reliability for the hard real-time executions and an optimized overall performance. To meet these requirements, we introduced a hybrid-type scheduling architecture with a static scheduling block for the(More)
Recent trends using computing clusters point to a growing demand for high compute density environments in various application fields such as server appliances including distributed web servers. Distributed web servers need many server nodes and low-latency/high-bandwidth network for operating a massive amount of web services including distribution of(More)
The invited contributors to the immunization section of the round table made the following main points. Dr. Mizutani stressed that although both specific antibodies and cellular immune responses develop in the course of infections, the significance of the different responses varies widely according to the particular infection. He and colleagues had(More)
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