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Birds dissipate considerable heat through respiratory-evaporative and cutaneous-evaporative mechanisms and sensible heat loss (SHL) via radiation, convection, and conduction. The significance of SHL in laying hens is still to be confirmed. This study aimed to elucidate the effect of ventilation on egg production and quality during exposure to high ambient(More)
The approach of studying structural and dynamical properties of flexible molecules is of substantial interest, as it allows decoding the shapes and intrinsic properties of isolated molecular constituents, which have an influence on the selectivity and functionality in biological processes. Combining quantum computation methods with double resonance or(More)
The following techniques are used for the resection of tumors of the inner quadrants of the breast. Tumors involving the inner quadrants are difficult to treat. For lesions of the upper inner quadrant (UIQ), we have seen that the ‘‘Omega’’ technique works very well. For lower inner quadrant (LIQ) lesions, vertical ‘‘inverted T’’ mammoplasty or pure radial(More)
As part of breast conservation treatment for carcinoma, oncoplasty is a combination of carcinologic and plastic surgery. This technique allows decreasing the number of mastectomies, to anticipate the cosmetic sequels of conservative treatment (CSCT) and to Oncoplasty; Mammary plasty obtain adequate carcinologic local control thanks to wide removal of tumor(More)
In the recent decades superoxide [O(2-.) ] has become the subject of considerable interest. Nonetheless, generation of superoxide compounds is still a substantial challenge. The standard methods for synthesis of superoxide derivatives are either through the oxidation of molten alkali metals with hot air or by using electrolytic reduction of oxygen in(More)
UNLABELLED In France, 20% of breast cancers occur in women over the age of 70 and 10% in women over the age of 80. As these women are not included in screening programs, breast cancer is often diagnosed later, at the stage of a large tumor. PURPOSE To analyze clinical response, possibilities of conservative treatment and course of hormonal receptors in(More)
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