Itamar Avigad

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Traumatic injury to the extrahepatic biliary system is rare and usually diagnosed at laparotomy when it is associated with other visceral injuries. Isolated gallbladder rupture due to blunt abdominal trauma is even rarer. The clinical presentation of gallbladder injury is variable, resulting in a delay in diagnosis and treatment. Awareness to the(More)
Esophageal replacement continues to be a challenging surgical problem. Currently advocated methods entail using reversed gastric tube or colon for the interposition. Between 1969 and 1978, 11 children underwent esophageal reconstruction. Their ages at operation ranged from 1 to 16 years. All the operations were performed in one stage. The right colon was(More)
PURPOSE The literature concerning undescended testis mainly concentrates on the increased risks of infertility and development of germ cell tumors. Yet the UDT also appears to be at higher risk for torsion compared to the normally descended testis, and this issue is relatively poorly addressed. We reviewed all cases of torsion of UDTs operated on at our(More)
A prospective study correlating the ultrasound and operative findings was carried out in 45 consecutive pediatric patients with undescended testes. Thirty-six of 37 (97%) palpable testes were located preoperatively by ultrasound. Six of eight impalpable testes (75%) were correctly localized by ultrasound. The three testes missed by the ultrasound(More)
OBJECTIVE To suggest a new ultrasonographic approach for prenatal diagnosis of esophageal atresia (EA). METHODS Since 1995, whenever EA is suspected, we perform a systematic multiplanar ultrasonographic scanning of the fetal upper body in order to demonstrate an esophageal pouch. This includes three image plans of the neck and upper chest: coronal,(More)
Long-term clinical and metabolic results of subtotal gastrectomy for duodenal ulcer in 133 patients are reported. The operative procedure consisted of a 4/5 gastric resection with a retrocolic no-loop Hoffmeister anastomosis. After detailed clinical and metabolic assessment, 84% of the patients were graded Visick grades I and II. Postgastrectomy symptoms(More)
BACKGROUND Although radical cystectomy is accepted by most urologists as the treatment of choice for invasive carcinoma of the bladder and age alone is not considered a contraindication for radical surgery, many consider radical major operations to be unsuitable for elderly patients. METHODS The authors compared the results of radical cystectomy in 42(More)
A prospective ultrasonic evaluation of the pylorus was performed in two groups of infants, a control group and a group of infants clinically suspected of having hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (HPS). The mean pyloric length in the hypertrophied condition was 84% longer than the mean length in the normal. The mean and standard deviation (sd) for the transverse(More)
Two cases of congenital segmental dilatation of the ileum are reported. In both cases additional abnormal segments of bowel were not diagnosed during the initial laparotomy, and further surgical exploration was required. Consideration of this entity in the differential diagnosis of neonatal intestinal obstruction may enable definition of the optimal site(More)