Italo R. Oliveira

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Verification of embedded systems has become increasingly important in many industrial domains. Safety-critical embedded systems, such as those developed in aerospace industry, are regularly subject to automated formal verification process. In this paper we extend our tool integration chain of parallel, explicit-state LTL model checker DIVINE and Matlab(More)
The results of an optical monitoring campaign on the active nucleus in the luminous Seyfert 1 galaxy Fairall 9 are presented. This campaign was undertaken in parallel with ultraviolet spectroscopic monitoring with the IUE satellite which is described in a separate paper. The primary purpose of this program is to measure the response times (or ““ lags ÏÏ) of(More)
This study aims developing and evaluate a protocol of semen cryopreservation of the lane snapper Lutjanus synagris. Firstly, sperm motility rate, motility time, density and spermatocrit were appraised to characterize the sperm quality of the lane snapper. The effect of three extenders with distinct ionic compositions and pH values combined with seven(More)
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