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The strict-sense non-blocking conditions of an interconnection network built by vertical replication of a banyan network with additional stages are known only if the expanded banyan network has a recursive construction. Here we consider a ShufflelExchange network as the basic building block to be replicated vertically. Since this network does not have a(More)
A class of multistage interconnection networks, known as extended generalized shuffle (EGS) network, is here considered; it is built with arrays of elementary switching elements, interconnected by shuffle patterns, and external splitters and combiners. New results are given here that reduce the splitter fanout required to make the network strictly(More)
LTE and LTE advanced mobile technologies impose quite new requirements to backhauling network and may call for revolutionary approaches, like fronthauling, in order to exploit the full potential of the technology. In this paper we synthesize main requirements for LTE and LTE advanced backhauling and fronthauling, along with the underlining rationale, and(More)
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