Itai Spector

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Halofuginone is an analog of febrifugine-an alkaloid originally isolated from the plant Dichroa febrifuga. During recent years, halofuginone has attracted much attention because of its wide range of beneficial biological activities, which encompass malaria, cancer, and fibrosis-related and autoimmune diseases. At present two modes of halofuginone actions(More)
OBJECTIVES Most solid tumors consist of neoplastic and nonneoplastic cells and extracellular matrix components. In the pancreas, activated stellate cells (PSCs) are the source of the extracellular matrix proteins. We evaluated the significance of PSC activation in tumor establishment and development in mouse xenografts. METHODS Xenografts were established(More)
INTRODUCTION Stroma cells and extracellular matrix (ECM) components provide the pivotal microenvironment for tumor development. The study aimed to evaluate the importance of the pancreatic stroma for tumor development. METHODS Pancreatic tumor cells were implanted subcutaneously into green fluorescent protein transgenic mice, and stroma cells invading the(More)
Fibrosis is the main complication of muscular dystrophies. We identified collagen triple helix repeat containing 1 (Cthrc1) in skeletal and cardiac muscles of mice, representing Duchenne and congenital muscle dystrophies (DMD and CMD, respectively), and dysferlinopathy. In all of the mice, Cthrc1 was associated with high collagen type I levels; no Cthrc1 or(More)
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