Itai Dabran

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Web caching has been recognized as an important way to address three main problems in the Internet: network congestion, transmission cost and availability of web servers. As traffic increases, cache clustering becomes a natural way to increase scalability. This paper proposes an efficient scheme for increasing the cache hit-ratio in a looselycoupled(More)
Real time multimedia applications such as Internet TV, Video On Demand, Distance Learning, and Video Conferencing are becoming more and more popular over the Internet. Streaming media caching is a critical ingredient in the ability to provide scalable real-time service over the best effort Internet. In many cases, bandwidth becomes the system bottleneck and(More)
The usage of multimedia applications such as IP-TV and Video On Demand over wireless networks becomes more and more popular. In many cases the bandwidth of the wireless channel is the system bottleneck and thus it is important to increase the ability of wireless networks to provide a scalable service for multiple users simultaneously. The main idea proposed(More)
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