Istvan Zupko

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Betulinic acid, a very promising anti-melanoma agent, has very low water solubility that causes low bioavailability. To overcome this inconvenience, a highly water-soluble cyclodextrin was used (octakis-[6-deoxy-6-(2-sulfanyl ethanesulfonic acid)]-γ-cyclodextrin). The complex was physico-chemically analyzed using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC),(More)
Genistein is one of the most studied phytocompound in the class of isoflavones, presenting a notable estrogenic activity and in vitro and/or in vivo benefits in different types of cancer such as those of the bladder, kidney, lung, pancreatic, skin and endometrial cancer. A big inconvenience for drug development is low water solubility, which can be solved(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND Pentacyclic triterpenes, mainly betulin and betulinic acid, are valuable anticancer agents found in the bark of birch tree. This study evaluates birch bark extracts for the active principles composition. RESULTS New improved extraction methods were applied on the bark of Betula pendula in order to reach the maximum content in(More)
Betulonic acid belongs to the pentacyclic triterpenic derivative class and can be obtained through the selective oxidation of betulin. In this study we set obtaining several functionalized derivatives of this compound by its condensation with several amino compounds such as aminoguanidine, hydroxylamine, n-butylamine and thiosemicarbazide as our goal. The(More)
The present study focuses on the synthesis and analysis of a genistein ester derivative with myristic acid followed by beta cyclodextrin encapsulation; physicochemical analysis using consecrated techniques such as FTIR, MS, DSC, and SEM revealed both a successful esterification and inclusion inside the cyclodextrin cavity. Cytotoxic effects were measured in(More)
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