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BACKGROUND We studied the connection between complication occurrence related to renal biopsies and histological diagnoses of the biopsy specimen. We also analyzed the distribution of diagnoses in our population. METHODS We retrospectively studied 353 patients undergoing renal biopsy at the same center. Biopsies were performed after marking the site of(More)
We report the solid phase synthesis of –GG-X-GG– type α/β-carbopeptoids incorporating RibAFU(ip) (1a, tX) or XylAFU(ip) (2a, cX) sugar amino acids. Though coupling efficacy is moderate, both the lengthier synthetic route using Fmoc derivative (e.g., Fmoc-RibAFU(ip)-OH) and the azido derivative (e.g., N3-RibAFU(ip)-OH) via Staudinger reaction with nBu3P can(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyse the effect of an organized, nationwide breast cancer screening programme on non-organized mammography activities in Hungary. SETTING The nationwide dataset of the Hungarian National Health Insurance Fund Administration covering the years 2000-2005. METHODS Data derived from the nationwide database of the Hungarian National Health(More)
BACKGROUND The diagnosis of analgesic nephropathy has improved significantly with modern imaging techniques. We reviewed a large portion of the Hungarian dialysis population to obtain additional insight into the problem. METHODS Twenty-two participating dialysis units enrolled 1400 patients on renal replacement therapy between 1 January 1995 and 1 January(More)
We carried out molecular studies of 15 unrelated Hungarian families diagnosed with Fabry disease (FD). Genetic analysis of the alpha-galactosidase A gene was performed in 22 hemizygous males and 34 females. One of the female patients with severe disease phenotype showed homozygosity for the recurrent c.644A>G mutation due to parental consanguinity. The(More)
Crystalline complexes of D-ribose, D-ribono-1,4-lactone and methyl β-D-ribopyranoside with sodium halides were synthesized and some of their crystal structures determined. Crystal structures of two lactone complexes and a methyl β-D-ribopyranoside reveal the mode of the salt binding and the intricate interplay of cation coordination and hydrogen bonding in(More)
In recent years elaboration of the diagnosis of analgesic-nephropathy (ANP) with the help of imaging techniques significantly increased the possibility of diagnosing the disease. Therefore, evaluating the prevalence of ANP has become more accurate in our country as well. The prevalence of ANP has been investigated in patients who have newly been taken into(More)