Istvan Lakatos

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1. Compared to rats maintained on the normal NaCl (0.33%) diet, animals maintained on the low NaCl (0%) diet for 4 weeks exhibited increased plasma aldosterone and chloride and decreased urinary sodium excretion. 2. Rats maintained on the high NaCl (8%) diet for 4 weeks showed increased systolic blood pressure, water intake, urine volume, sodium and(More)
A new developed laryngoscope (-epipharyngoscope) is demonstrated, which came now to production stage after 3 years of work. The endoscope—a high capacity optical system with an angled direction of view—allows a thorough inspection and easy foto-documentation of the larynx and epipharynx after a simple spray-anesthesia of the mesopharynx posterior wall. The(More)
This paper introduces mathematical modelling, the development of diagnostic methods and the design of producing a prototype. Its aim is to establish a new, accredited research laboratory for the testing and quality assurance of hybrid and electric driven vehicles. The task is very complex and it puts special emphasis on environmental and safety issues. It(More)
A report is given about one patient with bilateral paralysis of the vocal cords. After local anesthesia of the piriform sinus and novocain blockade of the R. externus of the superior laryngeal nerve of the same side a widening of the glottis and an improvement of the respiration was observed. After section of the R. externus of the superior laryngeal nerve(More)