Istvan Lakatos

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1. Compared to rats maintained on the normal NaCl (0.33%) diet, animals maintained on the low NaCl (0%) diet for 4 weeks exhibited increased plasma aldosterone and chloride and decreased urinary sodium excretion. 2. Rats maintained on the high NaCl (8%) diet for 4 weeks showed increased systolic blood pressure, water intake, urine volume, sodium and(More)
A new developed laryngoscope (epipharyngoscope) is demonstrated, which comes now to production stage after three years of experimental work. The endoscope-a high capacity optical system with an angled direction of view-allows a thorough inspection and easy fotodocumentation of the larynx and epipharynx without molesting the patient. Even under difficult(More)
Up until now, the process of injecting teflon was difficult, because the highly viscous material had to be shot through a long needle. On the new instrument, the teflon syringe is attached to a short bent needle at its distal end. The syringe has a narrow shape, which allows a good field of vision. The injected dosis can be controlled easily by means of a(More)