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In this study, using the network approach, we analyzed the urban public transportation systems of 5 Hungarian cities. We performed a comprehensive network analysis of the systems with the main goal of identifying significant similarities and differences of the transportation networks of these cities. Although previous studies often investigated unweighted(More)
majority algorithm is O(n 2 mD), where D is the size in bits of a data item. Lemma 22 The space complexity of the majority algorithm is O(nD), where D is the size in bits of a data-item. Proof: Each token sent in the majority algorithm consists of O(D) bits. Applying this to Lemma 14, we get the space complexity of O(nD) bits. 2 C The Data Dispersal(More)
Due to the heavy traffic, people living in urban areas have to get used to congested roads, increased traveling time, and stressful situations. There is a strong demand on acquiring real-time flow data on actual traffic and road conditions. Our paper presents a method on acquiring several traffic data from different data sources, such as induction loop(More)
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