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A 2.4 kb fragment containing the 5'-flanking region and the 5'-noncoding sequence of the Vicia faba legumin gene LeB4 mediates high level seed-specific expression in transgenic tobacco plants. Deleted derivatives of this legumin upstream sequence were fused to the npt-II reporter gene to determine the tissue-specific activity of the chimeric constructs in(More)
We have isolated a novel gene, denoted USP, from Vicia faba var. minor, which corresponds to the most abundant mRNA present in cotyledons during early seed development; however, the corresponding protein does not accumulate in cotyledons. The characterized USP gene with its two introns is 1 of about 15 members of a gene family. A fragment comprising 637 bp(More)
We have previously isolated a legumin gene LeB4 from Vicia faba and shown that a 4.7 kb DNA fragment containing the gene leads to seed-specific expression in transgenic tobacco plants. Here we report that the 2.4 kb upstream sequence alone, when fused to either the neomycin phosphotransferase II (nptII) gene or the beta-glucuronidase (uidA) gene, leads to(More)
BACKGROUND The 26S proteasome is the central protease of the ubiquitin-dependent pathway of protein degradation. The proteolytic core of the complex is formed by the 20S proteasome, a cylinder-shaped particle that in archaebacteria contains two different subunits (alpha and beta) and in eukaryotes contains fourteen different subunits (seven of the(More)
We studied the expression of the oat globulin gene asglo5 in developing transgenic tobacco seeds. The asglo5 gene promoter directed transcription in the endosperm as well as in the provascular tissue, the presumptive root tip and the shoot apical meristem of the embryo as revealed by GUS reporter gene constructs and in situ hybridization. However,(More)
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