István Szentistványi

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The ionic regulating of lithium homeostasis and steady-state intra:extracellular lithium distribution in the brain can be approached by experimental methods using intact nerve cells in vitro. Primary cultures prepared from chick embryonic brain were applied to study the effect of extracellular sodium and potassium on the lithium uptake of nerve cells at(More)
The red blood cell/plasma concentration ratio (LR) was studied in 45 female patients with bipolar affective illness who responded to prophylactic lithium treatment. Patients were subdivided according to bipolar I vs. bipolar II diagnosis and presence vs. absence of a family history of affective illness. Mean LRs were significantly higher in bipolar II(More)
Lithium chloride was added in 5 and 10 mM concentrations for different periods of exposition time to dissociated cultures obtained from chicken embryonic brain. When supplementing lithium at day 1 in vitro for five days, a dose-dependent decrease in total protein was observed in the cultures as compared to the sodium-treated controls. Profound reduction was(More)
The steady state red blood cell/plasma lithium (Li) ratios were determined simultaneously with the in vitro rates of sodium-dependent Li transport of erythrocytes during prophylactic Li therapy in 30 unipolar, 52 bipolar forms of manic-depressive patients and in 58 nonmanic-depressive psychiatric patients as a control group. A reciprocal correlation was(More)
The aim of the study was to determine any alteration of the 24 h motor activity pattern of a bipolar patient in different mood states. Actigraphic records were collected on an outpatient basis for a total of 387 days. The daily actograms were synchronized in phase to the time of morning awakening before averaging, which significantly enhanced the structure(More)
Steady state red blood cell/plasma lithium concentration ratios were determined simultaneously with the in vitro sodium-dependent downhill lithium efflux from red cells during maintenance lithium treatment in 22 bipolar depressed patients, 17 unipolar depressed patients, and 28 psychiatric control patients. The values of the sodium-dependent lithium efflux(More)
The red blood cell/plasma lithium ratio (LR) has been studied in 14 schizophrenic (paranoid type), 22 schizoaffective, and 86 manic-depressive patients. Mean LR proved to be significantly higher in manic-depressive patients (p less than 0.001) as compared to the other two groups which on the other hand did not differ significantly from each other. There was(More)
The fine structure of intercellular contacts was studied in primary cultures prepared from chicken embryonic brain. Desmosomes were frequently seen between the glial cells. Synaptic contacts were observed among neuronal cell bodies and neural processes after 8 days in vitro. Gap junctions were revealed between glial elements suggesting a functional role in(More)