István Szöke

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Both local and systemic infections may complicate the morbidity of patients with oral malignant neoplasms, particularly those presenting intraorally. This study investigated the microbial contents of the biofilms present on the surfaces of oral squamous cell carcinomas. Biofilm samples were obtained from the central surface of the lesions in 21 patients (20(More)
Changes in the microflora on oral carcinoma surfaces may lead to both local and systemic infections, which may complicate the morbidity of the patient suffering from oral malignant neoplasms. Thus, anticancer therapy, irradiation, chemotherapy or surgery impairs the defence mechanism of the oral mucosa and is accompanied by proliferation of the mucosal(More)
The carbapenemase gene (cfiA) was detected in 4 (5.7%) of 70 clinical isolates of Bacteroides fragilis from different parts of Hungary. Among 24 other Bacteroides species isolated from infectious processes or from normal faecal flora, none was cfiA-positive. The MIC of imipenem and meropenem for all cfiA-positive B. fragilis isolates was < or =0.25 mg/L,(More)
The plasmid profiles of 97 Bacteroides isolates collected during screening for different pathogenic markers of this genus were investigated. In all, 48% of 69 isolates from infections that belonged to six species harboured low mol.wt plasmids (2.8-11.0 kb). Similar plasmids were also found in 39% of 28 isolates, belonging to eight species, from faeces of(More)
In this study local distributions of deposited inhaled particles such as radon progenies in realistic human airway bifurcation models of bronchial generations one to six are computed for different geometries, inlet flow profiles, flow rates and particle sizes with computational fluid particle dynamics methods. The movement of the mucus layer in the large(More)
The Etest was used for antibiotic susceptibility testing of Mycoplasma hominis and Ureaplasma urealyticum isolates and the results were compared with those obtained with the broth microdilution method. For 50 clinical isolates of M. hominis the MICs of doxycycline, ofloxacin and ciprofloxacin agreed within +/- one dilution and +/- two dilutions in 82-98%(More)
Prostatis, the most common urological disease in men, afflicts between 25 and 50% of all adult men. Four clinical categories are recognized: acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis, non-bacterial prostatitis and prostatodynia. The role of Gram-positive aerobic bacteria and the different anaerobes in chronic bacterial prostatitis is still a matter of debate.(More)
The binding of fibronectin an vitronectin to 207 Bacteroides strains and the binding of collagen and sialoproteins to 55 Bacteroides strains were investigated by means of latex agglutination tests. The binding of fibronectin, collagen and lactoferrin to the same 55 strains was also tested by using 125I-labelled proteins. The 207 strains, belonging to ten(More)
The role of anaerobic Gram-negative bacteria in inducing cytokines during mixed infections involving aerobic and anaerobic bacteria is relatively poorly defined. The purpose of this study was to establish whether or not intact Bacteroides fragilis and related species, isolated from severe infections and from the faeces of healthy persons are capable of(More)
The binding of fibronectin, vitronectin, collagen and sialoprotein to 65 anaerobic strains was investigated by means of latex agglutination tests. The binding of fibronectin, collagen and lactoferrin to the same strains was also tested by means of 125I-labelled proteins. The strains were isolated from abdominal infections (55%), from the faeces of healthy(More)