István Prazsák

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Pseudorabies virus is a widely-studied model organism of the Herpesviridae family, with a compact genome arrangement of 72 known coding sequences. In order to obtain an up-to-date genetic map of the virus, a combination of RNA-sequencing approaches were applied, as recent advancements in high-throughput sequencing methods have provided a wealth of(More)
Pseudorabies virus (PRV), an alpha-herpesvirus of swine, is a widely used model organism in investigations of the molecular pathomechanisms of the herpesviruses. This work is the continuation of our earlier studies, in which we investigated the effect of the abrogation of gene function on the viral transcriptome by knocking out PRV genes playing roles in(More)
According to the most recent taxonomic literature, three species of the genus Eresus are known in Central Europe, Eresuskollari, Eresussandaliatus and Eresusmoravicus. We recognized a fourth distinctive species from Hungary, which is described as Eresushermani sp. n. Eresushermani has an early spring copulation period, females have a light grey (grizzled)(More)
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