István Papp

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Based on the Arabidopsis model of production and transport of cuticular components in silico analysis of apple EST and genomic sequences identified candidate genes potentially involved in these processes. Expression profiling of the selected genes in apple leaves and fruit tissues at the stage of full tree ripeness showed them to be active in fruit skin, in(More)
Based on information from the Arabidopsis model system, a putative transcriptional activator of cuticle formation (TaSHN1) was selected among the expressed sequence tags in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). RT-PCR indicated the preferential expression of this gene in the basal, but not in the middle parts of wheat leaves. This leaf region is a likely site of(More)
The average travelling speed increases in a nontrivial manner with the travel distance. This leads to scaling-like relations on quite extended spatial scales, for all mobility modes taken together and also for a given mobility mode in part. We offer a wide range of experimental results, investigating and quantifying this universal effect and its measurable(More)
We report the identification of 32 transiting-planet candidates in HATNet field G205. We describe the procedures that we have used to follow up these candidates with spectroscopic and photometric observations, and we present a status report on our interpretation of the 28 candidates for which we have follow-up observations. Eight are eclipsing binaries with(More)
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