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Power and ground planes should exhibit low impedance over a wide range of frequencies. Parallel ground and power planes in multilayer printed-circuit boards exhibit multiple resonances which increase the impedance and also the radiation from the edge of the board. Resistive termination along the board edges reduces the resonance peaks. Simple and(More)
The emphasis in placing posts is shifting from their ability to strengthen the tooth structure to their capacity to provide additional retention and resistance to the displacement of the core material, without inducing undue installation or functional stresses. Numerous post systems are available. The learning objective of this article is to present a(More)
Istvan Novak is signal-integrity senior staff engineer at SUN Microsystems, Inc. Besides signal-integrity design of high-speed serial and parallel buses, he is engaged in the design and characterization of power-distribution networks and packages for mid-range servers. He creates simulation models, and develops measurement techniques for power distribution.(More)
A complete derivation of inductance from energy relations is presented, outlining all the key steps and assumptions. Based on this derivation, the concept of partial inductance is reviewed and several useful expressions for partial inductance are presented. The accuracy of these expressions is then evaluated by comparing these formula to 3D field solutions(More)
The complexity of fracture-induced segmentation in elastically constrained cohesive (fragile) systems originates from the presence of competing interactions. The role of discreteness in such phenomena is of interest in a variety of fields, from hierarchical self-assembly to developmental morphogenesis. In this paper, we study the analytically solvable(More)
The objective of this study was to compare the auscultatory findings using traditional and electronic sensor-based stethoscopes. Thirty-three adult healthy Beagles (20 females, 13 males, mean age: 4.8 years, range 1.4-8 years) were auscultated by four investigators with different experiences (INVEST-1, -2, -3 and -4) independently with both stethoscopes.(More)
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