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The aim of the paper is to investigate the bifurcation behavior of the power-factor-correction (PFC) boost converter under a conventional peak current-mode control. The converter is operated in continuous-conduction mode. The bifurcation analysis performed by computer simulations reveals interesting effects of variation of some chosen parameters on the(More)
—This paper reports on the stability analysis of one member of a dual-channel resonant dc–dc converter family. The study is confined to the buck configuration in symmetrical operation. The output voltage of the converter is controlled by a closed loop applying constant-frequency pulsewidth modulation. The dynamic analysis reveals that a bifurcation cascade(More)
In this paper, we describe our methods to detect noun compounds and light verb constructions in running texts. For noun compounds , dictionary-based methods and POS-tagging seem to contribute most to the performance of the system whereas for light verb constructions, the combination of POS-tagging, syntactic information and restrictions on the nominal and(More)
—This paper is concerned with the adverse effect of subharmonics generated by a pulsewidth-modulation-controlled voltage source converter supplying an ultrahigh-speed induction machine (USIM) and also with the calculation, simulation, and test of the subharmonic generation. It is mostly believed, except for a few publications, that the impact of(More)