István Heckl

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The current work demonstrates that separation-network synthesis (SNS) problems can be transformed into process-network synthesis (PNS) problems: The SNS problems constitute a particular class of PNS problems. Thus, the transformed SNS problems are solvable by resorting to the P-graph methodology originally introduced for the PNS problems. The methodology(More)
Among separation systems, the ones comprising separators effected by different separationmethods have been steadily gaining attention lately. Our earlier work has revealed that it is exceedingly complicated to optimally synthesize via super-structure any of these separation networks featuring simple and sharp separators, multiple feed and product streams,(More)
The present work proposes a computer-aided methodology for designing sustainable supply chains in terms of sustainability metrics by utilizing the P-graph framework. The methodology is an outcome of the collaboration between the Office of Research and Development (ORD) of the U.S. EPA and the research group led by the creators of the P-graph framework at(More)
The paper presents a methodology for integrating logic and engineering knowledge within a Branch-and-Bound algorithm with purpose to accelerate convergence. The development addresses assignment problems of utility networks with emphasis on the optimal allocation of units over periods for maintenance. The solver exploits the special structure of the problem(More)
The paper explains a paradigm for the integration of engineering knowledge with the search strategy of a Branch and Bound algorithm. The optimization is fairly generic and addresses industrial applications comprising power-generating units. The solution concerns the allocation of the units over time and considers expected variations in the heat load and(More)
A new modeling technique is presented here for handling multi-period operations in process-network synthesis (PNS) problems by the P-graph (process graph) framework. Until now, the P-graph framework could only handle single-period operating units. It means that the operating conditions and the load of each unit remain unchanged throughout its operation.(More)
A new solution technique is proposed here for a specific kind of separation-network synthesis (SNS) problem, using Branch-and-Bound (B&B) framework and linear programming (LP). The suggested method determines effectively the structure and flowrates of the optimal separation network. The method is illustrated by the solution of an SNS problem introduced in(More)
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