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UNLABELLED Parastomal herniation is a frequent complication in enterostomy. The therapeutic strategy consists in three approaches: local fascial repair, relocation of the stoma, local repair of the parietal defect using nonabsorbable meshes. In our clinic between 1997-2002 we used monofilament meshes placed in sublay position at four patients with(More)
INTRODUCTION one of the most frequent complications of a laparotomy is the development of an incisional hernia. Proper surgical technique can somewhat reduce the incidence, but it still remains a common sequel. Application of prolene mesh for the reconstruction of the abdominal wall with tension-free methods has excellent results. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)
UNLABELLED Cephalic pancreaticoduodenectomy had been introduced in surgery practice by O. Whipple, for the treatment for the cancer of ampulla of Vater, later this indication has also been extended to other pancreatic disorders including the cases of chronic pancreatitis. Cephalic pancreatectomy with the remaining of the duodenum used lately in the(More)
UNLABELLED The most frequent postoperative morbidity and mortality in the colorectal surgery is caused by the failure of the anastomosis. On the base of the statistics the postoperative mortality caused by the failure of the anastomosis can rise up to 20%. In the last decade a lot of types of anastomoses was initiated, for example: telescopic anastomosis,(More)
UNLABELLED The longitudinal pancreatico-jejunostomy is a commonly used procedure in the management of the chronic pancreatitis with dilated pancreatic duct (Wirsung), however the drainage of the dilated pancreatic duct is realizable with longitudinal Wirsungo-gastrostomy to. We present one clinical case of chronic pancreatitis with dilated pancreatic duct,(More)
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