István Frigyes

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Due to the much different environment in satellite and terrestrial links, possibilities in and design of MIMO systems are rather different as well. After pointing out these differences and problems arising from them, two MIMO designs are shown rather well adapted to satellite link characteristics. Cooperative diversity seems to be applicable; its concept is(More)
As spectrum spreading and CDMA proved themselves as very efficient in radio communication CDMA application in optical communication seamed to be reasonable as well. Research in this field started two decades ago or so and is still flourishing. In this tutorial paper-after giving a brief listing of relevant concepts in optical communications-concepts of(More)
This paper investigates satellite-MIMO, space-time coded for diversity gain. Whereas a dual satellite to single antenna terminal link provides shadowing and some multipath diversity gain, a dual antenna terminal provides additional multipath diversity gain. This gain is demonstrated by simulating high resolution time series channel data for urban and(More)
Abstract-Free Space Optics (FSO) and E-band links operating in parallel are investigated. In contrast to previous work in this field equal transmission rate of the two is assumed- 1 Gbit/sec in existing systems with a likely increase in the near future. Propagation characteristics are briefly presented. It is shown that practical difficulties(More)