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— This paper concerns the optimization and coordination of the conventional FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems) damping controllers in multi-machine power system. Firstly, the parameters of FACTS controller are optimized. Then, a hybrid fuzzy logic controller for the coordination of FACTS controllers is presented. This coordination method is well(More)
—Vulnerability assessment is one of the main tasks in a Self-Healing Grid structure, since it has the function of detecting the necessity of performing global control actions in real time. Due to the short-time requirements of real time applications, the eligible vulnerability assessment methods have to consider the improvement of calculation time. Although(More)
— Voltage stability has become a serious treat of modern power system operation nowadays. To tackle this problem properly, load shedding is one of the effective countermeasures. However, its consequences might result in huge technical and economic losses. Therefore, this control measure should be optimally and carefully carried out. This paper proposes an(More)
Most power systems optimization problems have to be solved under uncertainty. The scenarios used for modeling the uncertainties should be able to represent their stochastic nature. If this requires huge sampling, particle swarm optimization (PSO) based scenario reduction technique can be a good option to approximate the initial scenario distribution. This(More)