István Erös

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Large number of washable (o/w type) creams were prepared for rheological investigation. The rheological functions known from the literature were determined in our studies. Rheological constants were determined by measurements and calculations. From these, we selected those ones which were applicable to characterize the energy status of the coherent(More)
Lamellar lyotropic liquid crystalline systems are thermodynamically stable, optically isotropic continuous compositions composed of particles of a few nanometeres in diameter which are formed spontaneously or with a low energy input in the definite proportions of the given components [8, 27]. New possibilities for the development of controlled drug delivery(More)
This study presents the in vitro and in vivo testing of anti-inflammatory drug containing creams, hydrogels and organogels for dermal use. In vitro penetration studies were performed with products by measuring the diffused drug amount through synthetic membranes soaked in isopropyl myristate (IPM). Our developed preparations were investigated under in vitro(More)
Our research has a double purpose. On the one hand, doctors have expressed the need to formulate a rectal suppository dosage form from diuretic ethacrynic acid, which would add to the choice of treatment methods and thereby increase the possibilities of individual cure. On the other hand, the liberation and thereby the bioavailability of poorly-soluble(More)
25 creams with different water content was prepared by means of five self-emulsifying waxes. The variables were the ratio of the structure forming components of the lipophilic phase, the hydrophilic emulsifier and the water content. It was concluded from the flow curves, that the investigated creams were thixotropic systems independently of the water(More)
Physical properties of crystals, such as size, crystal size distribution and morphology, may predetermine the usefulness of crystalline materials in many pharmaceutical application. The above properties can be regulated with the crystallization process. The spherical crystals are suitable for direct tablet-making because of their better flowability and(More)