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Long-lasting airplane headache in a patient with chronic rhinosinusitis
The authors report long-lasting airplane headache in a patient with non-allergic, chronic rhinosinusitis. Association of mucosal inflammation with compromised sinonasal ventilation and sinusExpand
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Ionomer cement for reconstruction of the long process of the incus: the Pécs experience
•  Experience gained with the repair of the defects of the long process of the incus with ionomer cement in 35 patients is reported. •  The integrity of the reconstructed tympanic membrane and theExpand
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Combined metaphase, interphase cytogenetic, and flow cytometric analysis of DNA content of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Eleven pediatric acute lymphoid leukemia patients were investigated for chromosomal aneuploidy by interphase cytogenetics using chromosome specific (peri)centromeric probes for all the somatic andExpand
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Extracorporal septal reconstruction with polydioxanone foil
•  Conventional septoplasty cannot be the answer to all types of septal deviation. •  Indications of extracorporal septal reconstruction with polydioxanone (PDS) foil: (i) selected cases of very highExpand
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Approaching the asymptotics at the LHC
Recent results on the slope of the $pp$ diffraction cone measured by TOTEM at $7$ and $8$ GeV show an unexpected rapid rise in $s$, close to $B(s)\sim \ln^2$, rather than $\ln s$, typical of theExpand
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Duality relations in proton diffraction dissociation and in DIS
We use duality to relate resonances in missing mass $M$ to the large-mass diffraction dissociation of protons. In deep inelastic lepton-hadron scattering (DIS), hadronic resonances are related byExpand
[Application of interphase cytogenetics for the determination of changes in the DNA content in acute childhood lymphoid leukemia].
The authors investigated the usefulness of the interphase cytogenetic approach to reveal numerical chromosomal abnormalities. Experiments performed on normal human cells using chromosome specificExpand
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