Issam En-nafaa

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1 Kyste hydatique du foie rompu dans la paroi abdominale et dans le muscle psoas : à propos d'une rare observation Abstract Le kyste hydatique du foie est une parasitose qui sévit à l´état endémique au maroc. La rupture dans la paroi abdominale et dans le psoas est une complication exceptionnelle. Nous rapportons un cas de kyste hydatique du foie rompu dans(More)
INTRODUCTION Sinonasal aspergillosis is caused by the interaction between the sinonasal mucosa with a cosmopolite fungus (Aspergillus), it is on the increase, this is an infection whose evolution is unpredictable requiring early diagnosis and appropriate support. We report a case of Aspergillus rhinosinusitis of dental origin in pseudo-tumoral form with a(More)
Fahr syndrome is a rare anatomo-clinic disease whose most common cause is primary or postoperative hypoparathyroidism. It is characterized by bilateral and symmetrical intracerebral calcifications located in the central gray nuclei, most often associated with phosphocalcium metabolism disorders. We here report the case of a 54-year old patient who had been(More)